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  Click here to map your way to Tu-Lu's Bakery. Use Best Parking to find the nearest parking garage to Tu-Lu's Bakery.          
Tu-Lu's Bakery

Tu-Lu's Bakery

338 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Between 1st & 2nd Avenues
(212) 777-2227

Tu-Lu's Bakery has been reviewed by ZTrend.
Tu-Lu's Bakery
Click here to view a full map to Tu-Lu's Bakery. Use Best Parking to locate the nearest parking spot to Tu-Lu's Bakery.


Tu-Lu's Bakery puts the icing on the cake with their 100% gluten-free baked goods that are so delicious you can't taste any difference from conventional bakeries. Using only choice ingredients from local purveyors, everything is made fresh on the premises daily, wholesaling to artisanal restaurants and coffee houses throughout the city. The bakery offers a complete menu of gluten-free as well as non-dairy "vegan" desserts, selling everything you would expect to find behind the counter of a traditional bakery: cookies, brownies, donuts and cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache, cream cheese or traditional butter cream icings. Special order a fluffy three-layer cake with an assortment of healthy filling and frosting, with or without an inscription. Savory menu items include hearty muffins, fresh baked loaves of bread, crispy croutons and crackers, as well as a variety of quiche and panini served with salad for lunch. Tulu's Bakery has two additional locations in Dallas, TX.

Written by Sabrina Tate


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The only thing that surpasses a bakery brimming with fresh baked treats, is one that is purely gluten-free, and just as flavorful as traditional bakeries. Tu-Lu's is the first bakery in New York City dedicated to producing 100% tasty gluten-free treats, ensuring that their customers, no matter what diet restrictions they may have, are able to indulge an assortment of delicious desserts.

Bakery founder, Tully Phillips, after being diagnosed with gluten intolerance, set out to create a variety of scrumptious gluten-free treats that are just as rich in flavor as conventional ones. Honing her baking skills while attending the culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX, Philips perfected her specialty--gluten-free recipes. Jennifer Wells Goodhue, also diagnosed with a similar condition, merged with Phillips, sharing a kindred vision and commitment to baking delicious healthy desserts without gluten.

Tu-Lu's gluten-free, vegan-friendly menu celebrates a banquet of goodies: muffins, brownies, donuts, cupcakes, cinnamon coffee cake, and even pre-made cookie dough balls complete with instructions. Using only choice ingredients from local purveyors, everything is baked on the premises daily, while catering and wholesaling to artisanal restaurants and coffee houses throughout the city. For memorable celebrations, inscribed custom three-layer round cakes may be special ordered (vegan or gluten free) with your choice of creamy and seasonal fillings--frosting varieties include chocolate ganache, vanilla cream cheese and butter cream.

On the savory side of Tu-Lu's healthy menu are crispy croutons, crackers, granola and fragrant loaves of bread. Available for take-out, lunch is served with a side of salad: TuLu's appetizing quiche (ham with Gruyere and tomato, or spinach and scallion with Cheddar), or fresh grilled panini prepared with homemade sunflower-seed bread and distinct herbed sauces (turkey, chicken, veggie, and even peanut butter and banana). Since opening in February of 2010, Tu-Lu's has remained devoted to creating delicious gluten-free baked goods without sacrificing taste and has grown to include two new bakery locations in Dallas, TX.

Written by Jenna Chambers | Edited by Sabrina Tate
Last Update: 2014-01-02 18:41:31


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  Click here to view a full map to Tu-Lu's Bakery. Use Best Parking to find the nearest parking spot to Tu-Lu's Bakery.          





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