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second-hand york city shopping toursthe feeling is indescribable when conscious fashion merges with one's individuality to create a look that is all her own! how to shop when visiting new york city. Written by Sabrina Tate
New York City has one of the most unique shopping climates in the world!

Visitors from all over flock to the city with their empty suitcases only to fill them up with big brand tags they can purchase here for far less money than they could at home. That is if they have similar shopping options where they live. With New York City having so many fashion options, why are so many people buying mass market brands?

Most people buy them because it is what they see in a magazine usually with celebrity endorsement or worn by beautiful model. I personally am not an advocate of mass produced clothing brands for many reasons. The majority of mass produced pieces are one-size-fits-most, usually made with inferior fabrics that do not survive the test of time, rendering an overall ill-fitted shabby look. Not only that, if you care about the exploitation of people around the globe, the majority of companies embrace cheep labor to either jack up the prices and pocket high profits or create cheep fast fashion that flat-lines it straight to the rag pile then into the landfill! It's not the kind of clothing we should be wearing.

At ZTrend we focus on micro-entrepreneurial brands and tiny businesses that care about what they sell with a passion for fashion and fine customer service. A small specialty clothing shop may purely stock their own label or carry a variety of small multi brands that work well together in a wardrobe. Clothing made by small designers that are just under the radar ensure a personalized look that cannot be found everywhere. This means that they are fashionable, priced fairly, and very well made with a better fit on you because they actually pay attention to a woman's body proportions.

As rents in Manhattan have increased, privately owned boutiques have decreased and have scattered about. That’s where ZTrend comes into play. We know where to find these distinct boutiques, making the most of your time shopping in New York City. Today most women depend on popular magazines to tell them what they should like, wear and buy. That's fine if you are a teenager—all Teenagers want to fit in. But as an adult, owning your own thoughts and style can lift your self-esteem and transform your life path.

Well made classic wardrobe staples that fit your personality and lifestyle is a must. Develop a tasteful wardrobe by keeping with the classics and purchase a few special things each year. This means you can spend more on less and look better in the end. Clothing should fit, flatter, and wear well over time to satisfy your lifestyle. So if you're not one to have things dry cleaned or you don't love to iron, then stay clear from clothing with those requirements. You will never look your best if you don't.

The only fashion that should happen in your closet today is the kind that makes you look and feel good. It should be simple to wear, made with yummy fabrics that feel good against your skin. Embrace classic lines that fit your frame and highlight your personality and best assets--it's about proportions and how you feel in what you wear. It's time to grow up and have a relationship with the things that surround you and wear.


  • High-end luxury designers with their own boutiques.

  • Better luxe designers found in chic department stores: Bergdorff Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Barney's.

  • Small luxe boutiques boasting independent small designers, usually ethically and locally produced.

  • Contemporary and mass-market brands found on Broadway.

  • Off-price stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Macy's and Century Twenty Onewhere there is always a sale and most stock contemporary and budget designer pieces.

  • Sample Sales are where you get 70-90% off retail on new merchandise that may be past season designs, or slight irregular. Visit the Stylish City for most sample and retail sales happening in New York City.

  • Second-hand shopping includes designer resale, true-vintage (pre-1980s), thrift and used clothing that may be sourced from a variety of venues.




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