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Gigi K

Gigi K

42 University Place
New York, NY 10003
Between E 9th & E 10th Sts
(212) 777-2211

Gigi K has been reviewed by ZTrend.
Gigi K
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Gigi K. bridges Japanese sensibility with American culture, suiting the youthful spirit with a passion for fashion. Kwan's eponymous collection of lacy crochet tights and socks gives every woman a leg up on fashion. With so many styles, you can wear a different pair every day.

French and Korean inspired designs are produced in Japan by a second-generation sock-wear manufacture. Kwan's signature style is truly unique, characteristic of intricate crochet weaves that lend a sheer coverage to the legs while still adding warmth. Flirty tights, lacy leggings, colorful leg-warmers, ankle high and over-the-knee socks are but a sample of the varieties offered. While Kwon is known for her crochet line, you will find a wide variety of color, texture and designs that are made to be worn year round. Her product is feminine and sexy, yet durable--made to last.

Written by Sabrina Tate


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Revamp last year’s fashion with new lacy tights, or play up your favorite heels with a pair of delicate crochet ankle socks from Gigi K.

Parson graduate, Gigi Kwon combines high-quality with high-fashion, creating an array of elegant leg-wear to flaunt day or night. Her eponymous line is characteristic of intricate crochet weaves that are durable, yet feminine and sexy, made to be worn year round.

Raised in Korea, studying in Japan, and graduating from Parsons, Kwon aims to bridge Eastern and Western cultures with her designs. All of her products are made in Japan with a leading second-generation sock manufacturer. For years of durability socks and leggings are made from a cotton-poly blend, while tights consist of nylon and come in 120, 80, 30, and 20 denier (stitches per inch). The higher the denier, the less likely stockings are to run.

Kwon values leg-wear having been raised in Asian culture, where women wear tights in the summer and shoes are immediately removed upon entering the home. Such customs have influenced her fashion-forward leg-wear line to be aesthetically pleasing yet functional. Take her lightweight crisscross pattern open toe knee-highs--created specifically for summertime dress to be worn comfortably with a thong panty. They keep the legs cool, while at the same time provide UV sun protection.

Equally important to Kwon as feminine esthetics and top drawer hosiery, is full customer service to make every woman feel like a queen. Kwon believes that shopping should be a playful experience, and emphasizes the importance of making her customers happy, whether it's with an employee interaction or the thrill of the purchase. Kwon also tends to her customers’ wellbeing with a selection of “healing socks” to assist with foot care. Some socks are loose fitting designed to encourage circulation. Others are made from silk to moisturize the feet, while cotton toe-socks improve bone alignment by gently flexing the toes.

Flirty tights, lacy leggings, colorful leg-warmers, ankle highs, and over-the-knee socks are but a sample of the many variations available. While Kwon is known for her exclusive crocheted patterns, other designs include solid colors, printed brocades, colorful plaids and florals, as well as a variety of textures adorned with lace trims. Kwon will agree that choosing the right pair of socks is not purely functional--hosiery makes our feet look pretty. Gigi K. is smart purchase for the lady who doesn't want to invest a lot in a new wardrobe, but still wants to enjoy fashion.

Written by Erica Gonzales
Last Update: 2017-09-15 10:38:02


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