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Li-Lac Chocolates - West Village

40 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10014-1803
On the corner of Jane & West 4th Street

(212) 924-2280
(866) 898-2462

Hand-made chocolates
Li-Lac Chocolates - West Village
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Li-Lac Chocolates - West Village


It's time to give up the glitzy packaging for some good old fashioned chocolate. Li-Lac's is a third-generation chocolatier founded in 1923 by George Demetrious, a Greek immigrant, who while in France had mastered the craft of chocolate making. Li-Lac's is one of the few existing boutique chocolatiers that continue to produce chocolates from original old-world recipes using traditional vintage techniques.

Around holidays and on special occasions Li-Lac's sells enchanting molded chocolates made from Victorian and vintage chocolate molds. To name only few yesteryear delights: rich fudges, chocolate bars, french cream rolls, caramel & nut bars, chocolate covered cherries and old-fashioned dipped graham crackers. Chocolates were once made at their original Greenwich Village location on Christopher Street, and has since been relocated to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, moving their storefront to 8th Avenue. Confections are hand-made in small batches without preservatives, using only the finest ingredients.

Written by Sabrina Tate


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