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Le Fanion

Le Fanion

299 West 4th Street
New York , NY 10014
Corner of Bank Street
(212) 463-8760
West Village

Le Fanion has been reviewed by ZTrend.
Le Fanion
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Treat your eyes to a feast of authentic French Country furniture and home décor dating back to the 18th Century. Customers will be in awe by the many one-of-a-kind exquisite antique cutting boards and colorful baking plates, to hand carved furniture and sculpture as well as fine art by lesser known French artists. Le Fainon has been a West Village staple since 1987, boasting traditional French casual-chic décor imported from the South of a France that will add warmth and charm to any home.

Written by Sabrina Tate


* While ZTrend strives to write fact-based pieces about New York City's small boutiques, "splash visit" profiles may contain inaccuracies, as "splash visits" are merely the interpretation of the writer's first-hand experience and should not to be relied upon as fact.


Bringing the beauty from the South of France to the West Village, Le Fanion features French Country antiques, vivid pottery and the most charming home décor. Everything hails from France's sunny Southern Province handpicked by Claude-Noelle Toly and partner. Reminiscent of a fairy tale cottage, the two-story shop is chock-full of beautiful carved furniture, punctuated with useful and decorative antique accessories throughout. A casual-chic interior can be effortlessly achieved in any New York apartment with the presence of a simple rustic antique cherrywood table and chairs.

Le Fanion is the French name for a banner flag used to mark territory when discovering a new land, and in 1987 Toly and partner marked theirs more than twenty years ago when opening Le Fanion's first and only location. Originally from Southern France herself, the atmosphere of the West Village neighborhood immediately reminded Toly of her beloved home, inspiring her to bring the two worlds together. The store sells both new and vintage pieces, with a large selection of rare and decorative pottery, gleaming plates and brightly colored pitchers along with dish ware painted with traditional French art.

For the kitchen, Le Fanion delivers a stunning collection of the latest hand-made glazed earthenware and tableware. Customers will be in awe by the many one-of-a-kind authentic French pieces dating back to the 18th Century that include a choice assortment of decorative hand-painted tiles, ceramics, and folk art, as well as small collectable vintage paintings and drawings by Auguste Vuillemot and lesser-known French artists.

One of the most popular items are the exquisite crystal fruited chandlers crafted from bronze and hand-blown glass, an uncommon but traditional Southern France embellishment that shimmers before your eyes. Around the shop customers can find many whimsically decorated theme plates, platters and mugs, to include adorable animals: bunnies, dogs, bears, drunken monkeys, and flying geese. Toly has also added her own jewelry line of necklaces, handmade from sea shells found during her travels to the sunny Antilles.

From exquisite utilitarian antique cutting boards and baking plates, to sculptures and fine art, Le Fanion has extraordinary home décor to bring comfort and warmth to even the starkest of homes. With this alluring shop you can satisfy your taste for authentic French home ware without the far travels.

Written by Lisa Brown | Edited by Sabrina Tate
Last Update: 2021-10-24 12:33:05


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