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68 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Between Jay & Pearl Streets
(718) 522-6488

TRUNK has been reviewed by ZTrend.
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In the summer of 2009 a group of committed New York designers, Aimee Grubel, Natasha Samoylenko, and Radka Osickova, formed a philosophy about local design and product being made just around the corner. In November they launched TRUNK — a lifestyle boutique boasting ethically sustainable fashion featuring beautiful furniture, clothing, and jewelry. Discover high-end clever artful concepts unique to TRUNK from home decor and furnishings, to elegant supple leather handbags and silky flouncy dresses — everything a women needs to be chic at home and in the city.


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TRUNK boutique located in New York’s next great idyllic neighborhood of DUMBO, is thinking locally by supporting community artists and designers in the five boroughs who create excellent high-quality pieces with low impact on the environment.

A pact between a group of New York designers to open a shop and keep it local is how TRUNK came to be, and telling by the speed in which they opened (from the concept in Summer ’09 to their opening in November ’09) we can see they are serious. All three co-owners have their own lines featured in the store: Samoy Lenko, Aimee G, and Radka Design, along with select pieces by New York indie designers and artists who have been chosen to be a part of TRUNK's rotating showcase. The featured designers are grouped throughout the perimeter of the shop. A plaque above each display bears the designer's label and geographical location, making it easy to see the diversity of each collection.

TRUNK aspires to provide a clean, simple platform for local designers and artists of all types to exhibit their work. This spacious industrial interior lends itself to a gallery environment where every piece on display stands on its own to be clearly viewed. The store is quite varied from designer to designer. Many of the designers represented at TRUNK are green companies and adhere to sustainable fashion by using 100% reusable materials. Most of the materials made to create these garments are produced locally, thus at TRUNK you get a thoroughly locally produced product, from the design, to the materials, to the manufacturing.

From the neighborhoods of New York City comes a diversity of styles at TRUNK with each designer. Samoy Lenko, produces soft, silky classic draperies perfect for evening, as well as great scaled wrap tops, to uniquely trimmed seersucker skirts. The designs of Aimee G are catered more to active everyday wear. Motifs that run through her collection are patchwork patterns and stripes which give her clothes character and are easily identifiable as her own. Making an immediate connection to a brand through its pieces, is something labels strive to do and Aimee G seamlessly accomplishes this through repetition of key styles. Radka Design merges crochet and metalwork to create unique jewelry that blends the techniques of fancy stitching to jewelry making. The collection at TRUNK is varied, yet one thing remains the same: everything maintains a high level of craftsmanship seen in the quality of clothes that equals that of any high-end label.

Written by Lee Muston/Edited by Zoe Siegel
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