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DeBragga - New York's Butcher

829 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014
Between Gansevoort & Little W 12th Streets

212 924 1311

DeBragga - New York's Butcher
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DeBragga - New York's Butcher


Debragga is a meat purveyor and major supplier of fine meats in the Northeast. They specializes in dry aged beef and also offer poultry, pork and lamb. Each piece of meat selected for its superior quality. Huge slabs lay on iron racks throughout their warehouse while fans circulate air to slowly dry them for an average of 14-28 days before they are cut, shipped, and ultimately find their way to the tables of fine steakhouses and restaurants.

They offer online ordering with delivery straight to your door. They have a fully automated website to help make your selection.


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