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Brigadeiro Bakery

156 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012
Between W. Houston & Prince Streets

(917) 740-5772

Brigadeiro Bakery
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Brigadeiro Bakery


A brigadiero is a brazilian delicacy created in 1940 - creamier than a truffle, yet softer than a caramel. In Brazil it is the staple dessert at every celebration — the national truffle of Brazil and an icon to the Brazilian culture. Made from condensed milk, powdered chocolate, and butter, brigadieros are traditionally rolled into petite bite-size balls covered with chocolate sprinkles served in mini cupcake wrappers. They can also be eaten straight from the jar or the warm pan it was cooked in called "spoon brigadiero".

Since 2011 Mariana Vieira, founder and chef of Brigadeiro Bakery, has been offering her sweet treats to restaurants and small coffee spots around New York City. Mariana Memoria, caterer and a then client, would serve brigadiers at her catered parties. They were so well received at events that she and her husband, Marcelo Reali, have become partners in Brigadeiro Bakery.

In 2015 the three partners has opened their very own bakery shop in SoHo where you can enjoy a variety of brigadieros rolled fresh daily and watch the bakers make brigadieros right before your eyes.

Written by: Sabrina Tate


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