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LePage New York - Online Only

LePage New York - Online Only

New York, NY
(212) 966-2646

LePage New York - Online Only has been reviewed by ZTrend.
LePage New York - Online Only
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It's impossible to walk by this gallery without taking notice of the colorful window. It's like a jar of rainbow flavored jelly beans. From an imagination without boundaries comes sculpture with flowing edges that appear to float before your eyes — distinctly LePage. Since the '80s, sculptresses Cec LePage has successfully carved out a niche for herself with her one-of-a-kind beautiful works of art. The collection, hand-carved from crystal-clear acrylic, includes functional objects in the form of lamps, vases, and furniture, as well as exclusively esthetic pieces. For the purists out there, whose life is void of color, just ask for it 'nude' when placing your custom order.

Written by: Sophie Curtis


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Cec LePage debuted her eponymous Lucite accessories collection in 1979, creating one-of-a-kind high fashion runway jewelry for John Anthur, Marc Jacobs, Tokio Kumagai, Geoffrey Beene, and Patricia Field, the stylist for HBO’s Sex in the City series. In 1990, LePage went on to launch her line of decorative home pieces, working closely with New York City interior designers. As a master craftsman creating modern art forms for both the person and the home, LePage is internationally renowned, having graced the pages of European fashion magazines and American Vogue.

Walking into LePage’s boutique in SoHo, one is immediately struck by a strong sense of color and form radiating from the carefully arranged pieces on display. On the walls hang custom lucite-framed vibrant paintings and drawings, where soft organic curves and bright colors complement their physical counterparts. As LePage explains, her studies at times provide inspiration for her sculptural pieces, and the opposite can be true as well.

Classic and novelty Lucite art pieces pepper the remainder of her boutique, their shapes and dramatic colors evoking a playfulness bound to delight anyone. There are the graceful convertible vases which can double as candle-holders and be used with tea lights, tapers, or pillar candles. Some vases have no reference points, allowing the user to be creative with a variety of different floral arrangements. LePage’s hand-sculpted “vibrant urban blooms” can be mixed with fresh cuts for a beautiful floral composition, unexpected and startling in its pairing of natural form and organic Lucite.

Lucite furniture and home accents exist in interesting silhouettes: mirrors, jewelry boxes, vanity items, even doggie beds. Lamps and vases can be custom-ordered in any shape or color at no additional cost. Colors are available in both matte and glossy finishes. Every piece is hand-sculpted and signed, and created using fade-resistant, UV-safe, high-energy colors.

Because every hand-sculpted piece is unique unto itself, customers are bound to find the perfect piece for every possible occasion. Those who are fortunate to be received by LePage herself will experience firsthand her generosity and strong artistic expertise.

Edited by Bonnie Chan
Last Update: 2020-10-13 11:22:17


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