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Reinstein | Ross

Reinstein | Ross

21 E 67th Street
New York, NY 10065
Between E 67th + E 68th Sts
(212) 226-4513

Reinstein | Ross has been reviewed by ZTrend.
Reinstein | Ross
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Reinstein & Ross has been making fine heirloom quality jewelry in New York City since 1984. Founders, Susan Reinstein and Bryan Ross present a fresh perspective to the art form and process of jewelry making designed with the twenty-first century aesthetic in mind. All jewelry and findings are purely handmade based on ancient Roman designs and jewelry making techniques. Absolutely no molds are used. Delicate pendants, rings, mechanical clasps and chainmail are individually made by hand using precious alloys and rare vibrant gemstones. Proprietary gold alloys exclusive to Reinstein & Ross of peach and apricot are prepared onsite in their goldsmithing studio.

Susan and Bryan have since passed the business on to the current goldsmiths who forge the legacy of Reinstein & Ross in the same tradition as their mentors. Individual custom projects can be had in as little as six to eight weeks. Every piece of jewelry is an unique work of art whether it is purchased directly from one of their showcases or is custom made to order. One craftsman is devoted to each project from conception to completion. Reinstein & Ross' West Village location adjoins to the R&R gallery where rotating exhibits feature the work of emerging contemporary jewelry artists.

Written by Sabrina Tate


* While ZTrend strives to write fact-based pieces about New York City's small boutiques, "splash visit" profiles may contain inaccuracies, as "splash visits" are merely the interpretation of the writer's first-hand experience and should not to be relied upon as fact.


Reinstein & Ross' designs are created to be cherished forever. Hand fabricating timeless contemporary jewelry in New York City since 1984, the founders, Susan Reinstein and Brian Ross, collaborate their talents to create jewelry fit for royalty inspired by the Byzantine Empire and the Mysterious Etruscan civilization. Susan, a master goldsmith, painstakingly applies ancient and classical techniques, designing exquisite jewelry using precious alloys, while Bryan travels to source rare and vivid gemstones from around the world. All jewelry is hand-pulled without the use of molds. Every piece is beautiful and unique right down to the individual hand-made links and clasps.

When thinking of fine jewelry most people think of gold and diamonds in common cast settings. While Reinstein & Ross does work with diamonds, they are best known for working with exceptional sapphires, brilliant cut gemstones, and special alloys. Paying great attention to detail, each piece is hand fabricated using only alloys and tools by one goldsmith on premise from start-to-finish—truly artful. As well as working in precious metals (gold, silver, electrum, platinum, bronze and copper), Reinstein & Ross prepares their very own proprietary gold alloy in 22k apricot, and 20k peach, formulated on site in their studio. Custom made-to-order pieces can be had in as little as 4 - 6 weeks.

Reinstein & Ross' *fordite jewelry collection adds a little twist to it's display of gemstone embellished jewelry. This unusual, rare, and soulful stone, similar to agate, is authentically time-aged petrified paint mined from the floors and walls of American car factories. *Fordite with it's colorful swirly appearance is a bit fresh, and may even be described as chic and trendy mounted like a prize jewel by one of the top jewelers in New York City.

Susan and Bryan have since passed the business on to the present goldsmiths who continue Reinstein & Ross' legacy, designing heirloom worthy metalwork in the language of Susan and Brian. Susan is still active in gold smithing, making and selling her beautiful colorful porcelain enamel cloisonné jewelry in the shop.

Reinstein & Ross employs five accomplished goldsmiths between their two locations: West Village and the UES on Madison Avenue. Both locations are equip with working studios, each having large windows to view the goldsmiths at work. Reinstein and Ross' West Village location includes a full gallery where everything on exhibition is for sale. Gallery Director, Bella Neyman, curates the best of contemporary art jewelry made by emerging contemporary artists near and far.

*Fordite, also known as 'paint rock' in the 1970s, is a precious time-capsule material resulting from the hardening of automobile paint in the spray rooms of America's flourishing car factories. This swirly psychedelic paint agate is the result of years and years of paint buildup consisting of 100+ petrified layers that have been mined from factory walls, floors, pipes and skids. While it may be possible to mimic the look of fordite, its impostor will always lack 'true fordite' organic process and spiritual vibrations found in America's automotive industrial past.

Written by Sabrina Tate
Last Update: 2023-03-08 12:26:19


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