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New London Pharmacy

New London Pharmacy

246 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Between 22nd and 23rd Streets
(212) 243-4987

New London Pharmacy has been reviewed by ZTrend.
New London Pharmacy
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New London Pharmacy opened in 1960 and is owned today by the husband-and-wife team, John and Abby Fazio, both of whom are licensed pharmacists. Stock ceiling-high with unique health and beauty products from around the word and over 150 special fragrances.


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In the land of Duane Reades and Walgreens, New London Pharmacy feels like a welcome throwback to a much earlier time: a time when shops were intimate and small; when customers were on first-name basis with those they received services from; and when personalized, individual attention was not only emphasized, but expected.

Much of the focus on customer service inevitably stems from New London Pharmacy's own long history. The independent store was established in 1960, during a time when chains were less frequent. For years, the pharmacy has been operated by pharmacist couple John and Abby Fazio, both of whom work hard to provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Many days, Ms. Fazio can be found in the store personally assisting customers.

In another aspect that sets it apart from its larger mega-store brethren, New London Pharmacy is modeled after its European counterparts by a German architect. The trim displays and gleaming wooden floors of the store's simple aesthetic makes browsing a pleasure.

New London Pharmacy espouses a broader perspective of health-care treatment that includes traditional medical services and homeopathy. A compound lab upstairs enables the pharmacy to formulate any prescription from a doctor or veterinarian (yes, New London Pharmacy welcomes pets as well!). This is helpful for those who either require a prescription strength not provided by mainstream drug companies or who can only take their medication in cream rather than pill form. New London Pharmacy contains one of the few remaining compounding labs in New York City.

A full-time nutritionist is also available for consultations in a private counseling room. For clients who are reluctant to take a variety of traditional medicines, the nutritionist can help them arrive at an alternative homeopathic regimen working in conjunction with one of many homeopathic doctors.

The pharmacy nourishes the body in other ways as well. Ms. Fazio's travels through various European countries yield unusual souvenirs: carefully hand-picked, lauded beauty brands that are the sworn go-tos of locals. Ms. Fazio's research is meticulous; she looks for organic, natural products with extensive history and proven results. Thus, New London Pharmacy's shelves are lined with such items as Greek skincare line Apivita's Propoline collection, which uses natural ingredients like sunflower, honey, and even red wine. Another incredibly popular product is Embryolisse's 24-hour Miracle Cream, a secret weapon of many a makeup artist. The luscious cream is a 3-in-1 product that serves as makeup primer, moisturizer and facial mask, making it perfect for travel. New London also has a fragrance bar, specializing in over 120 different lines of fragrances, including organic brands.

New London Pharmacy aims to accommodate every client from the provision of an attentive, multilingual staff to individual consultations. Its goal has always been, first and foremost, excellent customer service — judging from its long track record, it ís one that the Fazios will clearly continue to fulfill for years to come.

Senior citizens, stylists, and make-up artists are eligible for 10 percent off purchases at New London Pharmacy. Residents of London Terrace Apartments (the historical residential building in Chelsea that serves as the pharmacy's namesake) also qualify.

Last Update: 2022-03-20 19:28:36


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