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Ralph Lauren , American Pride
American Pride
The Issues behind Ralph Lauren's 2012 Opening Ceremony Uniforms
Ralph Lauren's uniforms for the 2012 US Olympics
Written by Bianca Mendez | AP photo- Ralph Lauren

American designer, Ralph Lauren, recently showcased his creation for the 2012 opening ceremony of the Olympics. According to E News, people have been speaking out about the controversial aspects of the design, and there are even talks about redesigning the uniform.

Made in China: The "Made in China" tag is what caused the most uproar with the uniform. Some are saying that it's ok, because we live in an international economy. But then others are upset because it takes away our American pride. Politicians are in outrage, saying they want to burn the outfits and start fresh. In fact, there is a new law in the works that will require all USA olympic uniforms to be manufactured in America.

European Style: Others are complaining about the opening ceremony outfits being too European. I guess we have forgotten about who founded the United States of America. I understand that it was over 200 years ago but even to this day, I cannot describe what an American dresses like. As designers and people living in a smaller world, we draw inspiration from different places. Isn't that why we take pride in America? Personally, I feel that the uniforms are chic but maybe we should get rid of the red, white and blue stripes, and replace them with stars. Aside from that, may I remind you too that berets were used at the Summer 2008 olympics. Was there controversy back then, or am I just aware of it now?

There is another thing about the uniform that bothers me. Does anyone else think that Ralph Lauren’s logo just a bit too big?

Ralph Lauren, we get it! You are a wonderful designer and capture American style so well, but is it necessary to advertise your brand on the outfits? You were chosen to design for a reason. We know who you are, and therefore your logo should not be ant larger than the olympic USA logo. This is a celebration dedicated to the world's great athletes. It's fine to include your logo, but keep it discreet.

The bottom line is, regardless of what people think, what’s done is done, and there is no way that these uniforms cannot be revised in time for the game. What we can do now is cheer for our beloved athletes in the upcoming olympic games. And as for “Made in China," why don’t we bring this issue up with other brands.


2012 | China | Olympics | USA | Ralph Lauren
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